Portia Masimula
CEO and Co-Founder of
Karisani IT

Portia Masimula the CEO and Co-Founder of Karisani IT, business woman, She Studied Entrepreneurship Diploma and B Tech in business Administration at Cape Town University of technology and Business System Analysis certificate from UCT

Portia believes through extraordinary resilience, determination success is inevitable . In three short years, Portia has gone from having merely a dream of running her own tech business to being a player in the development industry, speaking at engagements, mentoring young women on the merits of being their own boss, and developing innovative applications for large companies in South Africa and internationally. Portia pulled together a trained and talented staff of development team and, through sheer determination, has inserted herself into a network of high-level entrepreneurs, CEOs, ambassadors and Ministers. She has worked so hard to establish herself and her company, Karisani IT. She kept pushing herself because the industry is still dominated by man. She has graced the pages of high profile magazines in your country such as Forbes under the age of 30 and Destiny Connect, she is listed as a Young Independent Business leader and game changer by Mzansi 100,

she was interviewed by one of the biggest radio station on SABC called SA FM to give word of encouragement for aspiring female entrepreneurs, recently she is a nominated as a jurist for Inspiring Fifty powered by the Netherlands. Inspiring Fifty is a European pan which recognises inspirational women in Technology. In 2018 she was a nominee for emerging entrepreneur by business women association.

She engaged in powerful dialogues with the consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on how to create inclusive economic growth by empowering female entrepreneurs and increase participation of women in technology, as well as including girls in stem education. She is well connected with industry leaders and has done business with an international consortium of business people who have very high aspirations for her and her company. She is a force to be reckoned with and is making a major impact in the lives of South Africans everywhere. Portia in the future wishes to have a crowd funding where she funds aspiring female entrepreneurs, tech female leadership and empower more women to get involved in the entrepreneurship world and in the tech space because that is the only way we can create our own opportunities as women and most importantly to grow our inclusive economic growth.  Portia in 2018 was awarded an inspirational award for being a young inspirational business leader in the ICT space and being recognized as young business leader for shaping the future and the economy Powered by Huawei. After Portia saw that girls in STEM and women in business struggle in navigating their way in ICT and in the entrepreneurship world, she founded and developed a concept called Young African Breed, the purpose of this platform is to encourage and empower girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) women in technology and female entrepreneurs around the following pillars Leadership, Education, Mentoring and Networking. Portia and her team are honoured that Karisani IT has been recently nominated as a finalist company in the ICT space and for contributing to the growth and sustainability of the South Africa Economy powered by Top Empowered. Top Empowered is endorsed at the highest level of corporate and Government South Africa and it recognises companies who exemplify vision and innovation, leadership and most of all in the name of transformation. Portia is passionate about entrepreneurship, women leadership, technology and building strategic business relationships outside South Africa. This year Portia was invited by the commissioner of Uganda, Dame Barbara Nekesa to be part of the robust business discussion on how South African businesses can trade in Africa and outline business opportunities in Africa. Portia was invited by the British Chamber of commerce in a dialogue discussion centred on women empowerment discussion specifically on how to empower women in business and what strategies we need to look at to ensure that women have the same opportunities as their male counterparts in the business world. Karisani IT was recently honoured by Jessica Lapenn Charge d’ Affaires of the United States of America as power 40 young Business Leaders.

Quote that keeps her going daily

“Take the bull by its horns. Be decisive! Rather make a decision today than a perfect decision when it’s too late; all great entrepreneurs have one thing in common is decisiveness and they have the courage to take unpopular decision when faced with difficult choices”


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