The Business Leaders in Africa Summit is an eye-opening session about how businesses can best improve their product/service footprint on the African continent by listening and learning from people who have succeeded at this.

It is a platform to market your brand, which is focused on having the right conversations and interactions with the right people. Good conversations allow companies to educate their marketplace, provide value, demonstrate their credibility and expertise, and over time elicit trust.

We as Africans want to hear authentic African Business success stories from our own business leaders and not for us to hear the stories from someone else. The idea is for our business leaders to tell their story and for us to learn valuable lessons that are relevant to our region.

The conference  spans over two days and features various speakers, who are business leaders in their different sectors, on each day.

The attendees include:
• Dignitaries from across various industries who would like to learn from other leaders in business on how to expand their businesses beyond their borders.
• Small and medium entrepreneurs who would like to learn from key players in their different industries.
• Government officials who are looking to empower local businesses and facilitate trade between countries

The next summit takes place in November 2019, in Johannesburg. To book a seat contact Sibo on +27 83 454 8797.

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