Flux Trends distills the barrage of information that is hurled at us in the digital era. We identify and analyse macro trends (everything from politics, religion, youth culture, media, entertainment and technology) that influence social dynamics and therefore, our business interactions. We package this information into digestible chunks, allowing small or corporate companies to assess the current landscape and formulate new, forward thinking, marketing, branding and business strategies.



Founded in 2014, Karisani IT offers software and mobile development services. For software development we use Microsoft Tool(Visual Studio and MS SQL Server) and open source tools  (Ionic Framework and MongoDB) for mobile development.



Ndanaka is a Shona statement of expression from Zimbabwe which has several translations such as ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I’m good’. The name captures the thought process that every woman possesses when they look into the mirror or go through a situation. The name is befitting because we are all about empowerment, confidence and self-belief.


Zoona-Logo-Full-ColourEssential Financial Services that Help Communities Thrive. Zoona brings together the drive of young entrepreneurs and the power of cutting-edge technology to bring safe and reliable financial services to under-served communities all over Africa.



Top Achievers Africa is a consulting firm that fosters individual and organisational growth through its programmes that are designed to provide solutions to today’s dynamic socio economic environment. The firm is made up of consultants who are professionals in various aspects of the business environment.



Zimbabwe Digital News is the fastest growing newspaper medium for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora, with a rapidly growing global readership. The newspaper is now a medium of choice among many advertisers in Zimbabwe, South Africa and other countries where Zimbabweans are found.


Luminary_logo_v05_Client-01The word Luminary comes from the Latin word ‘lumen or lumin” which means light. As a noun, Luminary means a person who inspires others, at Luminary we believe our work inspires and motivates people to find their light, either individually or as a collective. Our field of expertise is categorised into 4 areas, which are Facilitation, Consulting, Learning Solutions and Speaking Engagements. We work with a team of Luminaries to deliver on these areas.

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